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Project Description
A Silverlight based session schedule for small conferences. It will allow registrants to choose their sessions and print the results while also sending selections to conference organizers for capacity planning.

This project is also a good example of using Silverlight 2 User Controls, making custom animations and accessing global variables. I'm in the process up updating this before the beginning of the upcoming Code Camp and Day of .NET seasons. Over the next few weeks the entire code base is going to change to take advantage of many newer Silverlight features and make it more applicable for a variety of conferences. Eventualy you will be able to completly modify the app for your own site just by modifying an XML file. Users will be able to print a nice version of their entire schedule as well.

We're also adding multi-day support. If you want to contribute to the project just leave me a message and we can discuss where you can fit in.

Check out a little teaser of how it will work (this is also a work in progress):

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